Why Do People Prefer to Live in USA Compared to Other Countries?

Many prefer to live in places with temperate climate and high quality of life. Likewise, many wish to get settled in the United States as they believe that it is a land of opportunities. United States has been a country of immigrants and many have immigrated and are immigrating to the United States for various reasons. Many believe that the education system of the United States is better than that of the other countries and that is the reason why they prefer America. Well educated foreign nationals easily get jobs in the United States as the country lacks people who are good in maths, science and engineering fields. Individuals with disabilities, school drop-outs and old people easily get opportunities to enroll in colleges and to study, at any time. Likewise, there are people who study in America and get back to their home countries and the individuals who study in the United States get better job opportunities in their home countries.

 People Prefer to Live in USA Compared to Other Countries

Apart from that, people look forward to work in America as the country pays them more and because the dollar is higher than the currencies of most foreign countries. United States is well known for freedom and the people living in America can do anything but they must not break the laws of the country. Apart from people who come to America for education and for employment, many from poor countries come to America in search of a better live. Many also travel America to escape poverty. United Sates permits the people to practice any religion and so many who want to live in freedom and practice their own religions, are attracted towards America. Another aspect that is drawing the attention of many foreign nationals is the quality of life and many believe that America is the same as the Hollywood shows. Though many other countries are also developing, many are still crazy about America.

Some get into America to live with their family members who are residing in the country. Likewise, a person who gets a Green Card in America or becomes a US citizen, can sponsor his/her relatives and bring them to America. Immigration through marriage is quite easy and this also permits them to experience the good life the country offers. Moreover, people in America are creative and the cultural and racial diversity are two important factors that make people love the country. Many hate to live in countries with no international influences and such people choose to get into America as the country has people from various places and different cultures. Likewise, people in America can write and speak anything they wish and they may not be penalized for doing so. But this may not be possible in many other foreign countries and people in China who dare to speak against the government, may be assassinated and Iran puts bloggers in jail as the government of Iran does not like their blogs. These are few best things about the United States that draws the attention of almost all the foreign nationals.

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19 thoughts on “Why Do People Prefer to Live in USA Compared to Other Countries?

  1. Hi Americanimmigrationcenter,

    I see you put a lot into your blog. Having lived in the Philippines, Okinawa and Panama I would heartedly say, there is no place like America – home sweet home. Even with all the problems we have, I am thankful to be an American.

    Thank you for the recent likes on my blog and the follow as well.

  2. Possibly one reason might be because they might speak (some) English as a second language and perceive other , for instance European languages as too difficult to learn?
    That said sometimes actual statistics are very different from national perceptions: the UK often has immigration on the News and makes a big noise about “too many immigrants” but in actual fact takes less per capita than many other European countries. (I get TV channels from more than a dozen EU countries so often watch their news channels)
    Germany takes one of the highest percentages of immigrants (per capita of it’s population) but people are expected to learn the language, integrate and work hard… you just don’t hear much about that in the News, they mostly just get on with it.
    The US is also physically a very large country, with many large cities, maybe some coming illegally think they can get “lost” in the crowd easier?
    Interesting and thought provoking post.

  3. A very thought-provoking post. There are many people here from my husband’s home country (Barbados) who probably come for the reasons you mentioned. Even though I personally can’t see why they would leave such a beautiful country, there are more opportunities here–even though their educational system is a good one. Thank you for liking my post.

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